Benjamin Richards


“For far too long, debates in the field of science and the Christian faith have been dominated by Darwinism and the age of the earth. These are details. What absolutely must be settled first is of much more fundamental significance: science itself, as an intellectual discipline. Science is a branch of human knowledge, and as such is deeply implicated in philosophical questions, which are themselves deeply implicated in theological questions about the nature of and relationships between human beings, physical reality, and God. A careful look at the foundations of science will reveal that it is impossible to make sense of science except on the basis of a Christian theistic worldview. We do not mean that non-Christians cannot do science and be very successful at it. We are simply claiming that their worldview does not provide the intellectual resources to make science intelligible.” – Benjamin C. Richards


Benjamin C. Richards (born 1979 on the same day as Ryan J.) grew up in Rockport, Maine as a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 2001 from Covenant College and a PhD in semiconductor quantum optics at the Optical Sciences Center, the University of Arizona. Some of his primary interests are the relations between Christianity and science; the history and consequences of ideas; Christian apologetics and epistemology; and the Biblical implications for economics and politics.He is a co-founder and director of the immensely influential website,