Glenn Miller


“There are times in my relationship with the Lord that I am intensely aware of my ‘smallness’ before Him, most notably in His acts of deliverance and forgiveness. I feel dwarfed in those contexts, albeit in a very warm and secure way…But I have noticed that in my quiet times and in my one-on-one prayer times, He NEVER makes me feel ‘small’. I am very much aware of my finitude and His immensity, but somehow the warmth of His Spirit in me never lets me feel insignificant… I know that I am of precious value and high worth to Him, by virtue of his actions in Christ, but to experience that in times of closeness and communion with Him…is such a testimony to beauty of his heart and the purity of his character and His openness to deep relationships with us. Such acceptance! Such warmth! Such attention from such a God!””we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.” (Romans 5.1f)

Did Jesus tell them to take a staff or not?

On the Sacrifice of Isaac

Glenn describes himself as:Glenn M. Miller, committed evangelical disciple of Jesus Christ for the last 35 years of my life,  research/writer/speaker, IT business executive, father of three gifted, delightful, over-stimulated, people–all seeking, questioning, open-minded, authentic people [one lives in Philly, one lives in heaven, and one lives in San Jose]. Philosopher, theologian, divorced (still a little ashamed, but forgiven), mild MaiTai-er, extreme empathetic, serious but passionate about the deep issues of life/existence.

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