Herman Hoeksema

3784722“That lovingkindness of God is better than life because it is eternal. Life is not. Life is but for fifty, sixty, or seventy years. If our thanksgiving is in things, it is only for a time. I don’t say that things may not be the occasion for our thanksgiving. Certainly we give thanks and praise God for these things. But we do not find our joy in them. They are not an end for us. But if the reason for our thanksgiving is in the lovingkindness of God, it lasts forever.”
– Herman Hoeksema



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Hoeksema was born on March 12th, 1886 at Hoogezand, in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands and immigrated to the USA in 1904. After studying at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids/Michigan, he began his ministerial career in the Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church of Grand Rapids – by this time one of the largest reformed congregations in the United States. In 1924 he refused to accept the three points of common grace, which became official church dogma of the CRC. The result of this controversy was that he and some other ministers with their congregations were put out of the Christian Reformed Church. These men then established the Protestant Reformed Churches.

Hoeksema served as a long time pastor of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids. He also was professor of theology at the Protestant Reformed Theological School in Grandville/MI for 40 years. Herman Hoeksema died in September 1965 at Grand Rapids.