We adhere to the teachings of historic, Reformed, Biblical Christianity as set forth, first, in the Holy Bible, which is God’s inspired Word, and as summarized in the great Reformed confessions such as the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms.  Both Mr. Jankowski and Dr. Richards are ordained officers in the Presbyterian Church of America, a confessionally Reformed denomination, and as such have both subscribed to these documents. The majority of the material in this website will be aligned with this tradition; however, as we know that God’s truth transcends institutional barriers, we hope that many of these resources will also be helpful for Christians from different theological backgrounds.

Ryan Jankowski

Ryan possesses dual citizenship and has permanent residency in a third. He was born in the United States, but became a naturalized citizen shortly after in Canada, growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia. He moved back to the US for college where he completed his degree in Linguistics at the University of Kansas. Ryan later relocated to Arizona where he lived for roughly 10 years before moving to Mexico where he currently resides.

 Ryan’s interests are primarily in theology, philosophy, and counseling. He loves to read and to discuss profound things. You can find him on Goodreads where he is always eager to take book recommendations.

 Ben Richards

Ben grew up in Rockport, Maine as a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 2001 from Covenant College, and earned his PhD in semiconductor quantum optics at the Optical Sciences Center, the University of Arizona. He is an ordained Elder in the PCA. Some of his primary interests are the relations between Christianity and science; the history and consequences of ideas; Christian apologetics and epistemology; and the Biblical implications for economics and politics. He is a charter faculty member of the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum, where he teaches mathematics. He and his wife, Elisangela, have three young children: Caleb, Marcelo and Tiago.