Herman Bavinck


Herman Bavinck (1854-1921), a Dutch Reformed theologian, was a contemporary of Abraham Kuyper and B. B. Warfield, both of whom he knew well. He graduated magna cum laude in 1880 from Leiden with a double major in Systematic Theology and Old Testament. His doctoral dissertation was on the concept of the State in Zwingli’s theology. Bavinck taught at the Theological Seminary in Kampen, Holland – where he also pastored – before accepting the position of professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. He is best known for his magnum opus, Reformed Dogmatics (Gereformeerde Dogmatiek, in 4 volumes). Bavinck is one of the most balanced and solidly Reformed theologians Holland ever produced.Bavinck introduced the notion of organic inspiration of the Scriptures and also developed a solution to the infra/supralapsarian conundrum. Although Bavinck passed away in 1921, he remains a powerful force in Reformed theology. Several important Reformed theologians owe large debts to his work, including Cornelius Van Til and Louis Berkhof.



Title Duration
Herman Bavinck and Reformed Epistemology 1:09:35
Introduction to Herman Bavinck 56:50
Life and Works of Herman Bavinck 45:49
The Doctrine of Common Grace 51:07
The Doctrine of the Church 43:25
The Doctrine of the Covenant 1:08:10
The Man and His Theology 1:13:25