Greg Bahnsen

Greg Bahnsen (1948-1995) was the scholar in residence at The Southern California Center for Christian Studies where he taught Apologetics from a distinctly Reformed perspective. Bahnsen followed the lead of his mentor Cornelius Van Til and reasoned that, apart from the Christian faith, the unbeliever cannot account for his knowledge. Bahnsen earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Westmont College, his M.Div and ThM from Westminster Theological Seminary (1973), and a PhD in epistemology (the theory of knowledge) from the University of Southern California (1978).



Title Duration
Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith  39:02
Answering Evolution & Islam 1:54:40
Atheists are primitive in their thinking  10:31
Debunks scientism 5:19
Destroys Naturalistic Silliness 1:16
Does God Exist? Greg Bahnsen, Edward Tabash debate at UC Davis 10:31
Evidential Apologetics: The Right Way 3:42
God’s Law and the Confusion of Modern Theologians 15:24
Grace of the Law / Law and Disgrace  1:10:35
If Naturalism were True.. 2:39
Limited Atonement  7:54
On Induction 2:47
Reasoning With Unbelievers 1:59:58
Sola Scriptura 1:31:50
The Absurdity of Atheistic Naturalism 2:37
The Myth of Epistemological Neutrality 49:35
The Proof for the Existence of God 5:59
This Is How You Do Presuppositional Apologetics  14:59
Van Til’s Apologetic: Readings and Analysis 4:29
Who was Greg Bahnsen? Destroyer of atheistic superstitions! 1:16:36
Why you don’t have to worry about debating atheists  6:28