Michael Allen

Dr. Allen’s research interests range widely over the various topics of Christian doctrine and eras of church history. He is eager to guide students to grow in their ability to retrieve theological riches from the past for the sake of renewing contemporary reflection, worship, and witness. In this vein, he is committed to Reformed catholicity as a confession and a posture for doing theology and approaching ministry today. He is presently writing a volume on sanctification that is not only rooted in Reformational teaching on Christ and grace but also attuned to patristic and medieval thought about the moral life and the lived nature of Christian holiness, as well as a spin-off volume regarding the need to recover and reform patristic, medieval, and Puritan teaching on heavenly-minded eschatology and its ethical implications in an age and church so focused upon naturalistic problems and blessings. With Dr. Scott Swain, he serves as general editor of the T & T Clark International Theological Commentary series and the New Studies in Dogmatics series for Zondervan Academic.


Title Duration
The Nature of the Christian Mission (Hebrews 10:32-39) 20:41
Be Imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1,2) 19:49